Education Services

Desktop & Mobile Solutions

Ensuring that your schools application framework can meet the evolving demands, we have the technical knowledge and the education sector experience necessary to help you manage your desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. We can offer effective solutions tailored to your exacting requirements, regardless of how many devices you may require support for. Given the manner to which these devices can be key to the running of a school, we work to ensure you will receive the support as and when you may need the support and backup.

Wireless Installations

Our belief is your school should have the right resource for it’s IT to run at an optimum standard. The evolution and development of Wireless IT has helped in ensuring IT systems can run in a more effective and efficient manner. We can oversee the entire process of both setting up a wireless infrastructure from scratch or converting a current infrastructure to a wireless set up.

Managed Services & Support

We can offer both flexible and dedicated support to school’s to ensure their IT can perform to the best level possible. Our services are wide-ranging and designed to be cost effective, reliable and robust. We offer our support based fully on your requirements, challenges and overall allocated budget.


Keeping a stored copy of your critical data is vital for disaster recovery and continuity planning. With a great deal of experience, we are well equipped to offer the necessary support options to ensure you have a reliable and quality means of storing and backing up key data. Hardware failure, being prone to viruses, vandalism and hacking are just some of the risks your data faces. We will work to ensure you have the best possible means from which you can backup and store your data.

Server Infrastructure

It is greatly important for all schools to have a server infrastructure able to support the demands of their staff and students. Whether you are looking to upgrade to the latest server platform, virtualize your infrastructure to reduce the number of physical servers you require or you’re simply looking to enhance what you already have, we can help you. Our vast experience in the Education sector make us well placed to create a reliable server infrastructure as part of a robust overall IT infrastructure.

Curriculum Support

Curriculum Support is open to all within a school at the heart of it’s day to day running and to ensure it’s IT can run to an optimum level. It is available on an individual, or small group basis and will usually take the form of sessions to provide the necessary guidance to ensure an IT infrastructure can run as effectively as possible.

Software/ Hardware Consulting

Our consultancy service can help you find the right combination of software and hardware to fulfil your IT needs. We don’t just set up and maintain IT systems, but we are also able to advise in making sure you have the best possible means for your school to excel. When you have the right systems and software, processes can be run more efficiently and you can be sure to gain a competitive advantage. You can boost employee and school efficiency as well as productivity in the process of doing so.

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